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11270-4M410 engine mount for Nissan Bluebird are produce by High quality rubber comes from Thailand And widely sold to European and American countries.

  1. high performance
  2. Premium appearance
  3. 1 year Warranty
  4. Good Neutral rubber

Auto Parts Engine Mount 11270-4M410for Nissan Bluebird Description

Engine Mount 111270-4M410 for Nissan Bluebird Installed with the left side of the engine ,Reduce the impact of engine vibration on the car body to a great extent.CBA auto parts is a manufacturer in CHINA,Received favor from auto parts dealers, distributors and wholesalers in many countries around the world.

Engine Mount 11270-4M410 for Nissan Bluebird Data Sheet

Warranty 1 Years
Car Make 1991-2012 Nissan Bluebird
Body Material Steel
Certification ISO9001
Shock-reducing Rubber Material NR
Transport Package Poly Plastic Bag Package
Specification 1.8 KG
Origin China
Colour Black
Spring Type Steel
Position Front

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Auto Parts Engine Mount 11270-4M410 for Nissan Bluebird 1991-2012 Detail Display

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